Grateful for all that is life

Published on 29 May 2024 at 16:13

Welcoming everyone to Golden Sun Healing, a collective of good souls and wonderful people that are there for others. I cannot be more grateful for having met these wonderful healers that some have become friends over the years. As someone that has lived a life with lots of challenges and lots of trauma, I realized early on in my youth that I would need to look into the unknown and unseen to find healing. I knew there was more out there that we as humans may not always understand but we cannot deny the power of some type of energy and how it changes how we feel.


I embarked on a journey to find myself and the meaning of all that is life, pretty young. While others in my age group were seeking a quick short thrill, I was meditating and seeking quiet and peace. You would often find me at a beach at night, listening to the waves or camping alone in the wild meditating amongst snakes. Not making that up either. 


When you seek, you find and attract.


You can attract whatever you want and that goes for positive and negative things and circumstances. I think I attracted it all, a good variety of good, bad, silly and scary!

I did realize however that the one thing that always kept me on track was meditation.

It was just something that made sense to me since I was very young.


If all else fails, meditate!

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