Body Scan

Have you done a body scan lately?


A body scan will help you focus on your body and listen. We often go about our day while dragging our bodies with us, not paying attention to what we feel. We all have done that at some point and a lot of us still do. It is how life flows. Bills have to get paid, dinner has to be prepared, our kids need our attention, our spouse needs our attention, our boss needs our attention, traffic needs our attention. All that in a day can be overwhelming to say the least.

Our bodies get the least attention for most of us. Too tired to take a salt bath, too hyper to meditate. If this is happening to you, it means you are on overdrive. You are depleted and in need of charging your batteries.

Do not ignore those feelings.



How to do a body scan.


It is quick and easy.

Try to find a quiet place, even if it is your car. It doesn’t matter where you are for this and there is no wrong way of doing it.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths counting to 4 inhaling, hold for 4 and exhale  by counting to 4 again. Try to take the breath all the way to your abdominal region if you can.

NOW, you have managed to regulate and relax your body through breath. 

If you feel ready, start scanning your body starting from the top of your head or if you prefer you can start from your toes, there is no wrong or right way, follow your intuition.

Start by focusing on each part of your body and see how it feels. You can even ask your body “How does my arm feel? How does my heart feel? How does my stomach feel?” Your body will start to give you sensations. All of a sudden you will start getting messages and discover for example that your back is stiff and feels sore, your knee may need attention or rest.

keep doing that till you complete and connect to your whole body.


This exercise will connect you to your body, it will ground you and it will provide clarity  to what you need to pay attention to.